Majors Updates

[Sample] Major’s Update 2023-09-15 (Week 2)

TTBC Blue Jays Majors Prevail in High-Tension Game against Marlin Majors In Wednesday’s riveting match, the Thunder Majors saw their grip slip, culminating in an 8-4 win to the advantage of the Typhoons. The game hung on a knife-edge until the fourth inning, when Austin Lane, from the Typhoons, scored with a clutch single on … Read more

[Sample] Major’s Update 2023-09-07 (Week 1)

Typhoon Majors Secure a Come-from-behind Victory against Thunder Majors It was a thrilling game of baseball on Wednesday, as the Thunder Majors relinquished their early advantage to the TTBC Typhoons Majors, who cruised to an 8-4 victory. The game remained fiercely contested until the fourth inning, when the Typhoons’ Ethan Clark capitalized on a game-changing … Read more