Divisions of TTBC

Welcome to the world of Tai Tam Baseball Club (TTBC), a baseball haven and community home nestled in bustling Hong Kong! We’re more than just a sports club; we’re a family that eats, sleeps, and breathes baseball. Today we’re going to dive a little deeper and explore the various divisions that help make TTBC the unique and inclusive organization that it is.

There are five divisions in TTBC:

  1. Coach’s Pitch / T-Ball
  2. Minors
  3. Majors
  4. Juniors
  5. Seniors

Coach’s Pitch / T-Ball

Let’s start our baseball journey with the T-ball, or Coach’s Pitch Division. This is where it all begins! Aimed at our enthusiastic youngsters aged 4 to 7, the focus here is on teaching the fundamentals of the game in a fun, supportive environment. It’s a fantastic starting point where coaches pitch to the players or a tee is used to assist in batting. Regardless, the emphasis is on soaking up the love for the sport while also learning basic skills like hitting, running, and catching. Learn more about the Coach’s Pitch division here.

Minor’s Division

Next up, we have the Minor’s Division. Catering for kids aged 8–10, this division offers a perfect transition from T-ball to more advanced play. Typically, this division is split into two levels: AAA and AA. However, in Hong Kong, there is no such split, and players pitch to each other rather than coaches pitching to the players. The accent is on further developing game-play skills and preparing players for the more serious competitive baseball found in the Major Division. Learn more about the Minor’s division here.

Major’s Division

In the Major’s Division, life on the diamond becomes more serious. Aimed at kids aged 11–12, this is TTBC’s most competitive level. It follows rules similar to those of Little League baseball, with an emphasis on refining skills and preparing them for the junior division. Learn more about Major’s division here.

Junior’s Division

Our junior’s division caters to growing athletes aged 13–14. This division exposes players to even larger fields and more challenging competition, while particularly focusing on enhancing tactical skills and game strategy. It’s a division that remains sufficiently challenging yet rewarding. Learn more about Junior’s division here.

Senior’s Division

Finally, our Senior’s Division, suited for teenagers aged 15 to 16, offers an environment for our older and more experienced players to test their mettle. This division continually pushes its players to refine their skills, adopt advanced strategies, and prepare for competitive league play or even collegiate prospects. Learn more about the Senior’s division here.

At TTBC, we believe in every child’s potential, be it a curious newbie or a budding baseball pro. Our divisions are thoughtfully designed to guide players through the sport in a progressive way, developing their skills, confidence, and sportsmanship along the way. But more than anything, we’re all about the love of the game, the friendships it nurtures, and the memories it creates!

So, wherever you are on your baseball journey, step up to the plate and join our TTBC family. Let’s learn together, grow together, play together, and swing for the fences! We can’t wait to see you on our field.