Minors Division

The Minors division is tailored toward children aged 8–10 years old, is an essential part of the Little League Baseball system. It’s often seen as the next stepping stone to higher levels of competitive baseball. This division is typically divided into two sub-categories, namely AAA and AA, but in Hong Kong there is no such split, and players pitch to each other.

Minors division experience becomes more competitive than Coach’s Pitch. In Minors, players pitch to each other, showcasing the skills they have honed and lending an aura of authenticity to the game. The rules at this level align closely with those of the Major Division, giving players an early taste of higher-level competitive baseball. This setup is a perfect platform for players to refine their pitching, fielding, and batting skills. It also enhances their strategic acumen, as they’ll have to start thinking from a pitcher’s perspective in a live-game scenario.

The Minor League’s overarching goal is to create a solid developmental pipeline for the Major Division. It aims to equip young players with the necessary skills, understanding of the sport, and competitive spirit. This division emphasizes not only technical and tactical skills but also fosters a sense of sportsmanship, teamwork, respect for the game, and a positive attitude. The children’s morale is kept high, their love for baseball is nurtured, and they are prepared, in every aspect, for their journey to the Major Division.

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