Juniors Division

The Junior Division, specifically designed for young players aged 13–14, is an integral level that bridges the gap between the Majors Division and high school baseball, or the Seniors Division. As they step into this division, players face significant enhancements in the depth and breadth of the game, offering a more robust and professional baseball experience that presents both opportunities and challenges.

One of the defining attributes of the Senior Division is the utilization of a full-sized field, or ‘big field’, corresponding to the dimensions of a professional baseball diamond. With the pitching mound set at 60 feet 6 inches from home plate and bases positioned 90 feet apart, the enlarged field ensures a notable escalation in gameplay complexity. The shift to a full-sized field offers our athletes a genuinely authentic baseball experience, challenging them to further refine their skills and bolster their strategic thinking.

Meanwhile, the game’s rules are slightly adjusted to match the players’ evolving skills and readiness for advanced play. These rule adaptations provide an excellent blend of challenge and familiarity and simultaneously serve as a gentle transition to the holistic baseball rules.

But the journey in the Junior division goes beyond technical proficiency. It’s about nurturing a profound understanding of the game’s strategic elements, fostering teamwork and sportsmanship, and developing mental toughness—components that are indispensable for players transitioning to high school and Senior divisions.

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