Volunteer Opportunities

At the heart of the Tai Tam Baseball Club (TTBC) is a vibrant, dedicated group of volunteers who bring baseball to life in our community. Running such a diverse and inclusive club requires an immense amount of teamwork, coordination, and assistance. As a volunteer-run organization, it’s our diligent and passionate volunteers who keep our club thriving and expanding, on and off the field.

We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic folks eager to join our TTBC family and take on various fun and fulfilling voluntary roles. Our volunteers are the backbone of our club’s operations, often being the unseen hands and minds organizing and delivering memorable experiences to our players and families.

Volunteering at TTBC is not just about supporting baseball activities. It’s about fueling a community of baseball enthusiasts, creating memorable experiences for our children, and fostering a lifelong love for the sport. So come and be a part of the TTBC family. Whether you have a few hours each week or can contribute on an occasional basis, your time and talents can make a significant impact.

Please contact us to ask us about any volunteering opportunities.

Examples of Volunteer Opportunities


Coaching is one of the most prominent avenues for volunteers. Our coaches not only instill key playing skills in enthusiastic ‘T-ballers’ and ‘Senior Leaguers’ but also shape their understanding of sportsmanship, team spirit, and resilience. If you love the game of baseball and have a knack for teaching and leading, coaching could be the perfect fit for you.


For those who enjoy being part of the game but prefer a less physical role, scorekeeping provides an excellent opportunity to engage. You’ll get a front-row seat to every play, ensuring each run, hit, and out is accurately recorded.


We also welcome volunteers with a knack for photography. Catching our players’ best moments on the field—their jubilation at a home run, their concentration while pitching, or their camaraderie off the field—helps us share the pulsating spirit of TTBC with the broader community.

Social Event Organizers

Additionally, our club thrives on regular social events that solidify our sense of community. If you love to plan, organize, and create memorable experiences, you will find ample opportunities to contribute to these social gatherings.