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Majors Typhoons Vs. Aberdeen Dodgers

TTBC Typhoons 10 – 7 Aberdeen Dodgers

In the HKLL Majors 3rd place match-up, the Typhoons Majors (8-8-1) took home the win against the Aberdeen Dodgers with a final score of 10-7.

#5 Ryder Lee with 3 catches and the final diving out of the game!

The Typhoons were quick to get things going, scoring two runs in the first inning. George Hosford contributed to the Typhoons’ early lead with a strong double in the top of the second inning, which drove in another run. An error by the Aberdeen defense allowed for an additional run, bringing the score to 4-0 in favor of the Typhoons.

Congratulations Majors Typhoons on 3rd Place.

It was back and forth for the next several innings. Going into the last inning, the Typhoons led with a score of 6-5. The Typhoons came all out and scored four more runs, making the score 10-5.

With the Dodgers getting the last at-bats, the Typhoons’ defense had to step it up, and they sure did. The Typhoons held off the last-ditch effort from the Dodgers and only gave up two runs. To cap it off, the final putout was a spectacular diving catch from right fielder Ryder Lee. 

On the mound, Troy Cheng earned the win for the Typhoons, showcasing impressive pitching skills with four strikeouts and allowing only three earned runs over four innings, while Hosford came in as relief. 

Congratulations to the Typhoons for a good season and a great finish in the playoffs.

"Oh man, oh man, oh man, I was so excited that I wanted to storm the field and high five all the kids! Such a good ending. I've never been so excited since the Yankees won back in 2009", said Coach Derek Cheng

Majors Pirates Vs. Polar Bears

TTBC Pirates 18 – 12 Polar Bears

Majors Pirates ended the season with a 10-6-1 record and coming in 5th place in the HKLL Majors division.

Ella Johnson #24 covering 3rd.
Congratulations Majors Pirates on 5th Place.