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Majors Typhoons Finish the Season Strong

TTBC Typhoons 11- 0 JBC Buffaloes

Taking the mound for the Typhoons in their last regular season game before the playoffs was Troy Cheng.  With unwavering focus, he unleashed a barrage of pitches, baffling the Buffaloes’ batters and holding them scoreless for three innings. Troy’s arm sent five Buffaloes back to the dugout with strikeouts, leaving the opposing team stunned.

But it wasn’t just the Typhoons’ pitching and defense that stole the show. Their offense ignited like a wildfire.  

The second inning was the catalyst for their offensive explosion. Robbie Pliner ignited the scoring frenzy with a powerful double to left field bringing home Parker Shapiro – who had soared a fly ball to center field an at bat earlier – and later scoring on a wild pitch.  The Typhoons’ momentum continued to surge as Ryder Lee drew a walk and setting the stage for Troy Cheng’s RBI Double down the third base line.  A passed ball then allowed Troy to dash home for another run. 

Lunar New Year Practice brought out a few Minors Players up to Majors, thanks for joining!

The onslaught persisted as Aaron Lee unleashed a riple, driving in both Logan Xu and George Hosford.  Typhoons finished with six runs in the second inning.

In the bottom of the third, the Typhoons showed no mercy. Nicky Artman drew a walk, Lucas Liu a scorching single to left field, driving in Nicky with a vengeance. Troy Cheng continued his offensive rampage, smashing a a hard line drive up the middle to bring Lucas home.  Logan Xu joined the festivities with a blistering single, scoring Troy to increase the lead.  

Just when the Buffaloes thought they could catch their breath, George Hosford unleashed a monstrous triple into deep left field, bringing in Logan and solidifying the Typhoons’ dominance.  

Aaron Lee, not content with his earlier heroics, added another hit to his tally sending George sprinting home from third base.  A five run third and the Typhoons now boasted a staggering 11-0 advantage.

As the game neared its conclusion, the Typhoons turned to George Hosford to seal the victory. George striking out two Buffaloes in quick inning.

TTBC Typhoons Vs. TTBC Pirates as Playoffs begin for the Majors – for information on the next game, see the Calendar page.

Majors Pirates have the Bye into the Playoffs

[Coaches recap above]

#12 Pigott working the ball

The Pirates will be looking for revenge against the TTBC Typhoons staring the Playoffs. – For information on the next game, see the Calendar page.

Majors Stat Leaders


Kachin Parich (Pirates) 27
George Rao (Pirates) 26
Colton Pigott (Pirates) 26


George Rao (Pirates) 21
Kachin Parich (Pirates) 19
Colton Pigott (Pirates) 18


Troy Cheng (Typhoons) 43
Katchin Parich (Pirates) 29
Saul Friedman (Pirates) 26