[Sample] Major’s Update 2023-09-15 (Week 2)

TTBC Blue Jays Majors Prevail in High-Tension Game against Marlin Majors In Wednesday’s riveting match, the Thunder Majors saw their grip slip, culminating in an 8-4 win to the advantage of the Typhoons. The game hung on a knife-edge until the fourth inning, when Austin Lane, from the Typhoons, scored with a clutch single on … Read more

[Sample] Minors Update 2023-09-15 (Week 2)

Overcoming Early Setback: TTBC Eagles Minors Emerge Victorious Over Pirates Minors In a thrilling game that brimmed with tenacity and sportsmanship, the Eagles triumphed over the Pirates, securing a hard-won 10-8 victory on Friday. With scores level at eight each in the nail-biting third inning, the Eagles strategically stole a base, thereby swinging the point … Read more

[Sample] Overseas Christmas Tournament Update 2023-09-15

Our smashing TTBC travel teams have jetted off to Singapore for the annual Christmas tournament at the American School. They’ve landed safe and sound, and the first day of the fun-filled competition has just wrapped up. We’ve still got three more thrilling days to look forward to. Our squads are gearing up to share a … Read more

[Sample] Senior’s Update 2023-09-07 (Week 1)

TTBC Typhoons Seniors Secure Lead In Fifth Inning For Victory Over Astros The TTBC Typhoons Seniors took control late in the game, culminating in a 12-3 victory over the Astros on Saturday. Down 3-2 in the critical fifth inning, Quinn Williams of the Typhoons executed a single on a 3-2 count, bringing home two defining … Read more

[Sample] Coach’s Pitch / T-Ball Update 2023-09-07 (Week 1)

Typhoons T-ballers Clinch a Thrilling Comeback Win Against the Thunder T-ballers In a dynamic and livewire display of T-ball action, the Typhoons emerged victorious against the Thunder T-ballers with an exciting scoreline of 8-4 on Wednesday. The Typhoons seized control of the game in the fourth inning when Anthony Davis delivered a crucial hit off … Read more

[Sample] Minor’s Update 2023-09-07 (Week Sample 1)

The Eagles Triumph in Face of Early Challenge Against Pirate Minors In a thrilling face-off on Friday, the Eagles pulled off a remarkable late-game turnaround against the Pirates. After falling behind by five runs in the initial inning, the Eagles relentlessly strived to regain lost ground. Their consistent efforts paid off in the crucial third … Read more

[Sample] Major’s Update 2023-09-07 (Week 1)

Typhoon Majors Secure a Come-from-behind Victory against Thunder Majors It was a thrilling game of baseball on Wednesday, as the Thunder Majors relinquished their early advantage to the TTBC Typhoons Majors, who cruised to an 8-4 victory. The game remained fiercely contested until the fourth inning, when the Typhoons’ Ethan Clark capitalized on a game-changing … Read more