CP Typhoons Face Off Against CP Fireballs in a Close Game

On a glorious Saturday morning in January at Tai Tam, the future generation of TTBC’ers were out in force with the Coach’s Pitch (CP)/T-ball division in “full swing”.

Interested in getting your child involved in baseball? Please contact us at: hello@ttbchk.com or visit us at: https://ttbchk.com for more information.

The CP/T-ball program directors, Coach Sabrina and Coach Chris, along with a wonderful number of parent volunteers, directed some 40-50 kids in baseball training and drills.

Coach Sabrina pitching to her Typhoons

In the first CP game of 2024, Coach Sabrina’s Typhoons faced off against Coach Chris’ Fireballs. Unable to complete three full innings, the Fireballs trailed the Typhoons 12-10 when time ran out. Both teams showed great progress in the field.

The Fireballs up to bat with Coach Chris pitching

At the plate, Quinn Walsh for the Fireballs hit a deep line drive that was limited to a triple as the Typhoons Nash Weisner chased it down with a good throw into second base.

For the Typhoons, there were many good hits, but Arthur Halpert was a storm, not letting up with two homers down the left field line.

A tightly contested ball game, score line aside, and judging from the smiles and laughter from both players and parents, baseball emerged victorious on the day!