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TTBC Eagles Keep the Winning Streak Going

TTBC Junior Eagles 7 – 4 Phoenix (2024-02-03)
TTBC Junior Eagles 6 – 4 TTBC Junior Patriots (2024-02-06)

The TTBC Junior Eagles (13-0) played 2 games this past week, coming away with wins in both.

Game Recap for Junior Eagles vs Junior Patriots

On a misty and cold Tuesday night at Hong Kong International School, the TTBC Eagles Juniors played against the TTBC Patriots Juniors. The game had everyone on the edge of their seats, going the full seven innings over two and a half hours, resulting in the Eagles winning 6-4.

The game came down to two clutch hitters: Eagle’s David “Magic Man” Ma, who went 4 for 4 with 4 RBIs, and Patriot’s Quinn “Ms. Clutch” Lawler providing some much-needed pop in the middle of the lineup, who went 1 for 3 with 2 RBIs in the last inning.

“My swing felt really good tonight. Coach said to go ‘oppo’ and finish my extension towards the second baseman, and that made all the difference. I will definitely listen to my coaches more,” said “Magic Man” Ma.

“It’s always a good game against the Eagles; we know we can hit the Eagles pitchers. Nothing but line drives next time I see them.” said Ms. Clutch Lawler.

The Eagles came out firing, scoring 3 runs in the first inning and 3 in the seventh, with “Magic Man” Ma leading the charge and driving in 4 of the runs. But the Patriots tried to fight back in the last inning, squeezing out 3 runs with a timely hit by Ms Clutch Lawler, but in the end, the Patriots fell short.

A Little Shake and Bake on the Base Paths

The other exciting play of the game was in the 4th inning, when the score was 3-2. The Eagles coaching staff tried to generate a run by calling a double steal with runners on 1st (Andes Chai) and 3rd base (Khai Harris).

As Chai took an extended primary lead—practically half way to 2nd base—Adrian Unertl, who was on the mound, began chasing down Chai. With the distraction underway, Harris attempted to steal home.

In all the commotion, you could hear Patriots coaches Unertl, Waag and Ma yelling ‘4!, 4!, 4!’. Unertl quickly turned around and fired the ball home, ultimately tagging out Harris.

“When he [Andes] took that lead, I was like, ‘what the heck is he doing, he’s literally walking to 2nd base?!’ Then it was chaos and all I heard was my coaches yelling ‘runner, runner, 4, 4’.” said Unertl.

“It was a low-scoring game, and given we had fast runners on base, we thought it was a good opportunity to steal a run. They [the Patriots] defended it well; 9 out of 10 times, that play would’ve worked; hat’s off to the Patriots coaching staff,” said Coach Lem of the Eagles.


As for pitching, Harris earned the win for the Eagles, while Chai collected the save, striking out seven hitters in the last few innings. Unertl took the loss for the Patriots, but he didn’t go down without a fight; he went six innings, allowing three runs on six hits, striking out two, and walking two, while Harrison Waag came in as relief.

All in all, it was a thrilling game till the end. The Eagles may have won this round, but the Patriots will be gunning for them when they meet up a couple weeks after Chinese New Year’s break.

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Patriots Fall To the Angels and Eagles

TTBC Junior Patriots 2 – 5 Phoenix (2024-02-03)
TTBC Junior Patriots 4 – 6 Eagles (2024-02-06)

TTBC Junior Patriots (6-7)

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Juniors Stat Leaders (Top 3)


Andes Chai (Eagles) 26
Khai Harris (Eagles) 15
Ryan Lem (Eagles) 13
Gabe Gusak (Eagles) 13


Andes Chai (Eagles) 21
Ryan Lem (Eagles) 14
Gabe Gusak (Eagles) 11
Adrian Unertl (Patriots) 11


Harrison Waag (Patriots) 43
Andes Chai (Eagles) 41
Khai Harris (Eagles) 37