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Typhoons Walking Their Way to the Win Over the Aberdeen Dodgers

Minors Typhoons 20 – 3 Aberdeen Dodgers

#38 Natalie Wang leads the TTBC Minors in Strike Outs!

On a dry and sunny Sunday afternoon, the Minors Typhoons’ patient bats and tenacious arms make way to their victory over the Aberdeen Dodgers 20-3.

In fact, the Typhoon batters collected so many walks that Gamechanger broke down and stopped recording.

Key hits included a grand slam by Youjia Peng and a home run by Osborne Coen.

Another stellar combined pitching performance by Natalie Wang, John Sweeney, and Youjia Peng kept the Dodger offense off the base paths. Natalie went 2 innings, while John and Youjia went 1 inning each. All were pitching aggressively directly into the strike zone and were successful at limiting baserunners.

A special mention goes to Luke McDermott for collecting his first hit – a sharply hit RBI single that befuddled the right side of the infield. Great job, Luke M! In a first for the team, every Typhoons player reached base safely, a harbinger of good things to come.

Typhoons have a bye next week, for more information on the Typhoons schedule, see the Calendar page.

A Devastating Loss by the Minors Eagles to the Sha Tin Martins Red Team

Minors Eagles 5 – 10 Sha Tin Martins Red


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For information on the Eagles next game, see the Calendar page.

Minors Legends Lose to Ninewest in Their Second Game of the Season

Minors Legends 1 – 13 Ninewest

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For information on the Legends next game, see the Calendar page.

Minors Stat Leaders (Top 3)


Luke Feller (Typhoons) 6
Henry Carango (Eagles) 4
Franklin Karnitz (Typhoons) 3


Ben Coen (Typhoons ) 5
Luke Feller (Typhoons) 4
Liam McDermond (Typhoons) 4


Natalie Wang (Typhoons) 18
Levi Chua (Eagles ) 16
John Sweeney (Typhoons) 11