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Typhoons Come in with Strong Hitting but Fall to the Astros Shadows

Minors Typhoons 6 – 12 Astros Shadows

In their second game, the Minors Typhoons fell to the Astros Shadows 6-12.

For the second game in a row, the Typhoons found themselves in a mid-game battle.

Tying the game 5-5 in the third inning behind smart at-bats, improving baserunning, and a clutch double from Luke Feller.

# 44 Luke Feller putting the work to be the leader in RBI’s.

Defensively, a 1-2-3 second inning showcased solid fielding from John Sweeney at shortstop and Natalie Wang.

Leading the way on the mound were Sweeney and Wang, who both pitched a solid first 3.1 innings.

Veteran Osborne Coen lit up the diamond with a shot to center that ended in a double as well as an unassisted put-out at home after a wild pitch.

Finally, newcomer Luke McDermond made his first contact of the year, drawing a walk and scoring his first run of the year.

Next Sunday, the Typhoons hope to get in the victory column in their 3:30pm contest versus Aliens Blue. For more information on the Typhoons schedule, see the Calendar page.

Eagles Stride past the Kaakiro Lions Blue

Minors Eagles 15 – 6 Kaakiro Lions Blue

#10 Levi Chua commanding the mound.

[Coaches recap for the week]

For information on the Eagles next game, see the Calendar page.

Legends Took Their First Loss Against the Kaakiro Lions Black

Minors Legends 6 – 17 Kaakiro Lions Black

#7 Pigott and #12 Kingston styling it up.

For information on the Legends next game, see the Calendar page.

Minors Stat Leaders (Top 3)


Luke Feller (Typhoons) 4
Henry Carango (Eagles) 3
Ethan Chang (Legends) 2
Brady Fallon (Legends) 2
Liam McDermond (Typhoons) 2


Luke Feller (Typhoons) 3
Henry Carango (Eagles ) 2
Annika Lee (Eagles ) 2
Natalie Wang (Typhoons) 2


Levi Chua (Eagles ) 11
John Sweeney (Typhoons) 6
Natalie Wang (Typhoons) 5