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TTBC Juniors Eagles Come Away With Decisive 9-1 Win Over the Angels

TTBC Juniors Eagles 9 – 1 Angels

It was a beautiful day for a baseball game this past Saturday as the TTBC Junior Eagles faced off with the Angels to come away with a clear and decisive 9-1 win.

With Andes Chai starting on the bump, the Angels were the first out of the blocks, scoring initially in the first inning. But Chai grinded his way out of it, letting just one run slip by. But that was just a teaser, folks, because the TTBC Eagles Juniors were only warming up! In the first inning, the momentum quickly shifted when Chai stole home, tipping the scale in the Eagles favor.

Andes Chai Pitching for the Win

The Eagles made sure to ride the wave with Andrew Zhang extended the Eagles’ lead with an RBI to take a solid 4-1 lead at the end of the second inning. Gabe Gusak then hit a single to bring the score up to 5-1 by the end of the third inning. In addition, the Eagles stole a team total of 12 bases to help end the game with a 9-1 win.

Chai secured the win for the TTBC Eagles Juniors, ending his debut with seven strikeouts, two walks, and holding the Angels to two hits over a five-inning stint. Ryan Kim stepped in as relief and notched a scoreless inning for the save.

Roy Son at Bat Going 2 for 2

A special shout out to Roy Son, who deserves a round of applause for leading the team going 2 for 2 and David Ma hitting a triple to drive in three runs.

Next game will be against the SSPBC Phoenix. See more information on the Calendar page.

TTBC Junior Patriots Hitting Their Way to a Resounding 18-5 Win Over the SSPBC Phoenix

TTBC Junior Patriots 18 – 5 SSPBC Phoenix

Team Patriots With Umpires

[Coaches recap for the week]

Next game will be against the Angels. See more information on the Calendar page.

Juniors Stat Leaders (Top 3 Through 2 Weeks)


Andes Chai (Eagles) 4
Donny Ma (Patriots) 3
Roy Son (Eagles) 3


Andes Chai (Eagles) 3
David Ma (Eagles) 3
Donny Ma (Patriots) 3
Sierra Lee (Patriots) 3


Adrian Unertl (Patriots) 10
Harrison Waag (Patriots) 10
Khai Harris (Eagles) 9