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Minors Stat Leaders

Minors Typhoons welcomed the New Year with a Bye

[Coaches recap for the week]

The Typhoons head into the second season against the tough Ninewest. For more information on the Typhoons schedule, see the Calendar page.

The Eagles had some fun with a friendly scrimmage with the Korean Angles

Enjoying an extra week off the TTBC Minors Eagles joined a friendly game with the Korean Angels. The Majors Typhoons joined the Korean Angles in some fun to fill out the roster. We had sibling rivalry with sibling Annika Lee striking out her brother in an epic face off.

Getting ready for second half of the season!
Always fun with scrimmages.

The Eagles will be ready to face the Kaakiro Lions Black next week. For information on the Eagles next game, see the Calendar page.

Minors Legends Take a BIG W heading into the Winter Break!

[Coaches recap for the week]

The Legends will be ready for their game against Martins Blue after the long Winter Break. For information on the Legends next game, see the Calendar page.

Minors Stat Leaders (Top 3)


Brady Fallon (Legends) 14
Luke Feller (Typhoons) 13


Luke Feller (Typhoons) 11
Natalie Wang (Typhoons) 10
Logan Yein (Legends) 9


Natalie Wang (Typhoons) 31
Levi Chua (Eagles) 28
Logan Yein (Legends) 22