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TTBC Juniors Eagles Recap
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Juniors Stat Leaders

TTBC Eagles

Game rescheduled this week – next game is against the Phoenix.

For the next Eagles game, see information on the Calendar page.

Patriots Gets an Easy W Against the Phoenix

TTBC Junior Patriots 14 – 1 Phoenix

TTBC Junior Patriots (4-5)

[coaches recap]

See more information for the next game on the Calendar page.

Juniors Stat Leaders (Top 3)


Andes Chai (Eagles) 17
Ryan Lem (Eagles) 11
Khai Harris (Eagles) 11


Andes Chai (Eagles) 15
Ryan Lem (Eagles) 11
Gabe Gusak (Eagles) 9


Andes Chai (Eagles) 25
Adrian Unertl (Patriots) 21
Harrison Waag (Patriots) 21