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Majors Typhoons Fall to Majors Pirates

Majors Typhoons 3 – 13 TTBC Pirates

The TTBC Typhoons’ losing streak continued as they faced off against the undefeated TTBC Pirates on a sunny Sunday morning.

The game started off promising for the Typhoons when Logan Xu drew a walk and Troy Cheng hit a hard line drive, putting runners on first and second with no outs.

#8 Robbie Pliner Taking a Leap.

Fred Fu, the clean-up hitter, then smashed a double deep into center field, bringing the runners home and giving the Typhoons a 2-0 lead. Parker Shapiro contributed with an RBI to bring Fu home, making the score 3-0.

However, the Typhoons’ momentum quickly faded as they struggled defensively, leading to the Pirates scoring 10 unanswered runs in the bottom half of the inning.

#56 Adam Liu Sliding on #25 Hosford.

Parker Shapiro relieved Troy Cheng in the second inning. The Typhoons’ offense was unable to regain their footing, and their bats went silent for the remainder of the game. The Pirates capitalized on their lead and added three more runs, ultimately ending the game due to the mercy rule.

Up next, the Typhoons Aberdeen Dodgers after a week break. – for information on the next game, see the Calendar page.

Majors Pirates Take out the Majors Typhoons

Majors Pirates 13 – 3 Majors Typhoons

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Pirates look to say undefeated in 2 weeks against the Astros. – For information on the next game, see the Calendar page.

Majors Stat Leaders


Kachin Parich (Pirates) 15
George Rao (Pirates)13
Ethan Man (Pirates) 11


Guillaume Hollingsworth (Pirates) 11
George Rao (Pirates) 11
Kachin Parich (Pirates) 8


Troy Cheng (Typhoons) 16
George Rao (Pirates) 13
Saul Friedman (Pirates) 13