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Juniors Stat Leaders

TTBC Eagles Steam Roll the Phoenix

TTBC Junior Eagles 17 – 7 Phoenix

This past Saturday at Lion Rock 1, the TTBC Eagles Juniors (7-0) defeated Phoenix with a commanding 17-7 victory, thanks in large part to the hitting prowess of the Eagles.

Leading the charge was Andes Chai’s 300-foot plus three-run home run shot to left field in the fourth inning. The Eagles rode the momentum by scoring an additional five runs by the end of the inning. Other notable hits were by Khai Harris, Ryan Kim, Ryan Lem, and Gabe Gusak.

However, the Eagles Juniors weren’t just about offense. Pitching wise, Kim started on the mound, pitching two strong innings with three strikeouts, while Lem came in to pitch two innings with five strikeouts despite walking three. Gusak came in to pitch the final inning to finish the game off.

It was a good performance by the Eagles as they set their sights on their next game against their inter-TTBC rivals, the Patriots.

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Junior Patriots Lose a Tough One Against the Angels

TTBC Junior Patriots 4 – 9 Angels

TTBC Junior Patriots (3-4)

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Juniors Stat Leaders (Top 3)


Andes Chai (Eagles) 15
Ryan Lem (Eagles) 10
Khai Harris (Eagles) 9


Andes Chai (Eagles) 13
Ryan Lem (Eagles) 10
Gabe Gusak (Eagles) 9


Adrian Unertl (Patriots) 21
Harrison Waag (Patriots) 21
Andes Chai (Eagles) 15