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TTBC Eagles Get the W over the Angels

TTBC Junior Eagles 12 – 4 Angels

The TTBC Eagles Juniors (6-0) outplayed the Angels and won a decisive 12-4 victory.

Eagles Juniors played the Angels over six innings on Saturday at Lion Rock 1. After a shaky start in the first three innings, the Eagles reclaimed and secured the win in the fourth and fifth innings.

Khai Harris started the game and threw a no-hitter, striking out seven over five innings. Andes Chai came in as a relief to finish off the game.

There were some mishaps on defense, but the Eagles outbatted the Angels with 14 hits versus one hit for the Angels. This included Charles Tian with a double, batting in two runs, and Takeo Blakely driving in two more runs with a triple.

The highlight of the game was when the Angels best hitter, J.W., came up to bat. He hit a deep fly ball out to center right. As everyone in the crowd watched and held their breath as the ball soared through the air and then came down, out of nowhere, Takeo Blakely came sprinting to the fence and snatched the ball on the run.

Next, the TTBC Eagles Juniors will play the Phoenix. 

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Junior Patriots Get a Win Over the Phoenix 13-9

TTBC Junior Patriots 13 – 9 Phoenix

TTBC Junior Patriots (3-3)

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Juniors Stat Leaders (Top 3)


Andes Chai (Eagles) 13
Ryan Lem (Eagles) 9
Roy Son (Eagles) 8


Ryan Lem (Eagles) 10
Andes Chai (Eagles) 9
Gabe Gusak (Eagles) 8


Adrian Unertl (Patriots) 21
Harrison Waag (Patriots) 21
Andes Chai (Eagles) 15