Dear Families, 

Welcome to another exciting season of baseball with TTBC.  We are thrilled that the fields are reopening and the season is finally getting underway again. It’s been a long “spring break” for the players and families!

As all of you know, TTBC is run all by volunteers and has grown from just a few teams to over 14 teams in the past 8 years.  The TTBC community is a strong, dedicated, fun group of families with a passion for enabling their kids to play more baseball in HK.  With this growth, TTBC launched this website, quarterly newsletter, annual celebration/fundraiser, players training, and additional overseas tournaments.  


We love all the support on the weekends and can never have enough coaches, team parents, gamechanger experts, snack & refreshment coach photographers, and fans. Our kids are so lucky to have such a strong vested group of parents supporting every practice, game and tournament.  

We are now reaching out to all of you to ask if any would consider taking on another role to help keep TTBC running.   We are open to new ideas and would love help  – absolutely no experience is required(previous professional experience a bonus)  – please take a look at the list and let us know if you would like offer some help:  

                        – Website management: content, manage online store and maintenance

                        – Writer/Editor TTBC newsletter

                        – Uniform Management: streamline ordering process, manage inventory, distribution to teams

                        – Bookkeeping: manage financials, payments to vendors 

                        –  Manage the end of the year celebration/fundraiser

Please email Kathleen Barney ( if you are interested. 

As always please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.  We love hearing from you. 


Bill Barney & Rich Waag