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Majors Typhoons Tie Game Opener Against the SSPBC Polar Bears

Majors Typhoons 6 – 6 SSPBC Polar Bears

#42 Troy Cheng on the mound for 5 SO and 0 ER.

Majors Typhoons (0-0-1) start off their 2023-24 campaign with a 6-6 draw against the SSPBC Polar Bears (0-0-1).  After taking a 5-0 lead through the first three innings, the Polar Bears came back with six unanswered runs before the Typhoons tied it in the bottom of the 5th inning.  The game eventually got called due to time limits.

The Typhoons opened up with two runs in the first after Parker Shapiro drove both runs home from his two-out single.  Typhoons tally three more runs in the third inning when Fred Fu knocks home two runs and Aaron Lee follows that up with an RBI of his own.  

Typhoons starter Troy Cheng went three innings striking out five while giving up no hits.  Ryder Lee and George Hosford came in relief for one inning each with Hosford racking up three strikeouts of his own.  

Down 6-5 in the last half of the 5th, Troy Cheng leads off with a double and a two-base error to score the game tying run.  The leading run was on firstbase with two outs when Parker Shapiro flied out to the left-center gap to end the game on a good play by the Polar Bears defense.  

Next week the Typhoons look for revenge against the JBC Buffaloes. 

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Majors Pirates Come Away With a Commanding Win Over YMCA Revive

Majors Eagles Team Photo

Majors Pirates 33 – 3 YMCA Revive

[Coaches recap for the week]

For information on the next game, see the Calendar page.

Majors Stat Leaders (Top 3)


Ethan Man (Pirates) 6
Kachin Parich (Pirates) 5
George Rao (Pirates) 4
Adam Liu (Pirates) 4


George Rao (Pirates) 5
Adam Liu (Pirates) 5
Guillaume Hollingsworth (Pirates) 4


Saul Friedman (Pirates) 6
Troy Cheng (Typhoons) 5
George Hosford (Typhoons) 3