TTBC Representing Well at the 2023 Turkey Tournament in Manila

The 2023 Turkey Tournament was a big success for TTBC as they sent more teams than ever before. This year, TTBC sent five teams to the tournament:

Although there was plenty of baseball for all the teams, the Turkey Tournament was a great opportunity for TTBC from various age groups to come together as one big family. The group enjoyed a memorable Thanksgiving dinner and spent down time hanging out at the team hotel swimming pool.

14U and 10U teams taking a group photo

TTBC 14U Crowned Champions of the 2023 Turkey Tournament!

The highlight of the tournament for TTBC was definitely the 14U team walking away with as the Champions of the tournament.

Read more for a recap on TTBC 14U's journey to become champions!

With a final tournament record of 7-1, there was some good competition at this age group. For some of the players, this was their last time to play at the 14U level; they did not waste the opportunity and battled their way to become champions.

TTBC 12U Teams Play Their Hearts Out

With two 12U teams, White and Blue, entering the tournament, TTBC was gunning to be champions.

12U White

Read more for a recap on TTBC 12U White team's third place finish

With a tournament record of 6-2, the 12U White team had a rough start, losing a tight game on the first day, but rallied back the following days to make the playoffs as the third seed.

Unfortunately, the 12U White Championship run slipped through their hands as they lost in the semi-finals in a walk-off, but they did come away winning their next game to come away with a third-place finish.

12U Blue

12U Blue team after a big win

As for 12U Blue team, the team was comprised of current Majors players. They had a great experience with many players playing at the 12U level for the first time. They played with joy and had a lot of fun in and outside of baseball.

They will definitely be setting their sights on the next tournament, but more importantly, they came away with more confidence in their skills and were ready to head back to Hong Kong to play with more conviction in their normal league games.

TTBC 10U Came Out to Play Ball

TTBC had two 10U teams in the Turkey Tournament. For the majority of the kids, it was their first competitive baseball tournament outside of Hong Kong. Both teams displayed commendable teamwork and determination.

10U Blue team ready for action

Regardless of the outcome, the tournament gave both 10U teams an opportunity to explore their strengths and weaknesses. The experience gained helped the kids build more confidence in their skills and, more importantly, enhance their resilience and teamwork.

They will definitely be back and be even more prepared for the next tournament. 

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