While not official yet, we think it is very likely that the HK-wide field restrictions will end and there will be the opportunity to play baseball in the near term.  With this in mind, we are ready to move ahead with the online registration for current players as well as new players to TTBC.  

We are right now targeting to do our annual assessments in mid September(if government approved) and then be underway from there. To get us prepared we need each player/parent to fill out the attached google form that outlines your intentions for the upcoming school year. 

It is critical for all of you to respond to this mailer by September 5th so we can determine potential interest and put together the assessment plan.  Please input into the attached google document:


Finally as part of evolution of the club, I have decided that after 9 years of running TTBC baseball to step down as the President at the end of this season in June 2021.  It has been a great honor to run this program and I have enjoyed being part of your extended family – it was a fun nine years.  Rich Waag will be the Co-President starting in September and will be the sole President starting in June 2021.  Please join me in welcoming Rich to the role.  He is a passionate “baseball leader and thinker” and we will be in great hands for the next few years.   Starting in June, I will remain on the board as well as be an avid TTBC fan! 

Looking forward to seeing all of you very soon on a baseball diamond in Hong Kong.

Warm regards,

Bill Barney 


Tai Tam Baseball Club