It is that time of year again…

Here is the schedule of events (Friday times revised):

Friday, April 26th– TTBC Championship Weekend Day 1

Revised to 6:00 pm (Was 5:00 pm)

1st Place vs 4th Place of Minors 3rd Season

2nd Place vs 3rd Place of Minors 3rd Season

Burgers and Dogs at Concession

Revised to 8:00 pm (Was 7:00 pm)

Minors Home Run Derby –Finals – 12 finalists

Majors Home Run Derby

Juniors/Seniors Home Run Derby

Burgers and Dogs at Concession

Revised to Future beyond the Tournament Weekend (Was 8:00 pm)

18U- Typhoons vs Eagles


Saturday, April 27th– TTBC Championship Weekend Day 2

8:00 am

CP Play-offs

CP Play-offs

9:30 am

CP Play-offs

4:00 pm

Minors Championship

3rd Place Minors Game

6:00 pm

Minors All Stars vs Dongguan

Majors Typhoons vs Majors Eagles

Chili Cook-off*

8:00 pm

Majors Championship

Majors 3rd Place Game


Sunday, April 28th– TTBC Championship Weekend Day 3

8:00 am

CP Championship

CP 3rd Place Game

9:30 am

CP Home Run Derby

10:00 am   

1st Annual Coaches Softball Game (CP Coaches vs Rest of Coaches)


End of Tourney & Season


*Team or parent participants should bring about 2+ liters of their chili warmed and ready to be tested.  It needs to be at the concession stand no later than 5pm on Saturday, April 27th.  No nuts please.