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Minors Stat Leaders

Minors Typhoons Fall to the Mighty Ninewest

TTBC Typhoons 4 – 17 Ninewest

[Coaches recap for the week]

The Typhoons look for a win against the JBC next week. For more information on the Typhoons schedule, see the Calendar page.

The Eagles Start the Year Strong With a Convincing Win

TTBC Eagles 10 – 4 Kaakiro Lions Black

[Coaches recap for the week]

Getting ready for second half of the season!

The Eagles Take on a Strong Ninewest next week. For information on the Eagles next game, see the Calendar page.

Minors Legends Trounce Martins Blue

TTBC Legends 11-5 Martins Blue

[Coaches recap for the week]

The Legends get a week off. For information on the Legends next game, see the Calendar page.

Minors Stat Leaders (Top 3)


Brady Fallon (Legends) 14
Luke Feller (Typhoons) 14

Ryan Kingston (Legends) 10
Henry Carango (Typhoons) 10


Luke Feller (Typhoons) 11
Natalie Wang (Typhoons) 11
Logan Yein (Legends) 11


Natalie Wang (Typhoons) 32
Levi Chua (Eagles) 30
Logan Yein (Legends) 26