TTBC Eagles 12U Team Shines in a Commanding 11-2 Victory Over Ninewest 12U

Perth Street Sports Ground witnessed a impressive display of power hitting on Sunday as the TTBC Eagles 12U squad defeated the Ninewest 12U team with an 11-2 triumph in the first Baseball Association of Hong Kong China (BAHKC) 2023-24 league matchup.

This was a special win because the team comprised of 12 and under players from three separate divisions: Juniors, Majors and Minors divisions.

Ella “the Hammer” Johnson On the Base Paths


Let’s start by talking about the hitting prowess of the TTBC batters.

First we had Ethan “the Man” Man and Riggs “Riggsy” Ernst crushing doubles and George “Mr. Consistent” Rao, who went 2 for 2 with bullet line drive singles.

Next, let’s not forget Ella “the Hammer” Johnson, who went 1 for 2, driving in two runs with a line drive hit so hard the outfielders couldn’t stop the ball from going out of bounds.

And finally to top it off, we had slugger Ryan “Hear Me Roar” Lem, who went 2 for 3, with two home runs (one of which was a grand slam) and six RBIs.

Ryan Lem Hitting a Grand Slam

Base Running

With Majors and Minors players playing on a 50/70 field with leadoffs for the first time ever, everyone did a fantastic job on the base paths.

A special shout out to Adam “You Can’t Pick Me Off” Liu, who stole four bags.

Even his Majors comrade Trey “Give Me the Steal Sign Coach” Giglio got in on the action.

Then we have our Minors player Luke “Speed” Feller lighting up the base paths with a steal of his own.

Luke “Speed” Feller Rounding Third Base


Let’s not forget about the defensive play by the TTBC players. Riggsy started on the bump and grinded out two innings, with Gabe “the Laser” Gusak coming in as relief.

Speaking of the Laser, while playing shortstop, he gunned down a runner heading home with a perfect strike, ultimately saving a run.

Then we have our outfielder, Jamie “the Blanket” Seto, who covered so much ground that all the hitters were comfortably put to bed.

Natalie “the Wall” Wang

Last, but certainly not least, we had Natalie “the Wall” Wang, who did not let any balls past her in the outfield; she had a couple of critical stops that prevented at least two runs.

Overall, it was an amazing game in which the TTBC family came together with older players, leading younger players to play higher-level baseball. And let me tell you, when you hear the cheers and laughter from the moms and dads in the stands, that’s when you know the game has reached a whole new level of excitement! Go TTBC!