Our smashing TTBC travel teams have jetted off to Singapore for the annual Christmas tournament at the American School. They’ve landed safe and sound, and the first day of the fun-filled competition has just wrapped up. We’ve still got three more thrilling days to look forward to.

Our squads are gearing up to share a grand Christmas feast together after a day out on the field. The excitement is through the roof as we look forward to more action-packed games over the weekend.

A massive shout-out goes to all the coaches; they’ve been incredible, leading the coordination of TTBC’s involvement in the Christmas tournament this year.

It’s not just about them, though; we’ve seen players, coaches, and family members all pull together. That’s what makes TTBC such a mighty community!

For everyone back home in Hong Kong, I hope you have the most amazing and healthy holiday with your loved ones. Enjoy the weekend, my friends!